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Pool Cues

Our warehouse has literally thousands of the best pool cues for sale. We can also do customization with virtually any name or image on most all of our cues.

The brands we offer are chosen especially for their quality and value, and our customer service staff is always ready to help in choosing just the right cue for you.

Shop with confidence knowing that we stand behind every new cue we sell 100%!

Pool cues (or sticks) are by definition are a tool a player uses to strike or hit a cue ball in the game of billiards.

Cue parts include: butt, forearm, wrap, shaft, ferrule and tip. These and other parts are explained more in depth in Pool Cue Anatomy 101.

No matter your need or taste, CueSight is here to serve! Our warehouse is stocked with thousands of cues ready to be shipped right to your door. Our prices and quality are unmatched anywhere online.

We have a great primer on "How To Buy A Pool Cue" for those looking to purchase their first cue.

Please note a most of our cues over $150 come with a free cue case. Pool cues under $150 do not.

Pool Cues have been our business for over a decade. Having had thousands of pool cues pass through our hands, we are well versed on both the cues we stock and offer, as well as many other brands of both production and custom pool cues that you may not find on our site. This page contains a breakdown of pool cues by brand, with some specialty categories. If you are looking for great deals you can also see our scratch and dent pool cues.

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. If you call, you will reach a real live person. That's because we believe that delivering a personal touch is the best way to ensure our customers get exactly what they need. Sometimes choosing a pool cue can be a tricky thing, and whether you are a seasoned league or tournament player, a recreational player looking for items for your home game room, or someone looking to purchase a pool cue as a gift, we are here to help you navigate through the myriad of pool cues and billiards accessories that we offer.

Thanks so much for shopping for your next pool cue with CueSight!