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Custom Table Cloth

custom-table-felt-designs.jpgDo you want to do spice up your gameroom? Then get a custom cloth created for your pool table!

Check out some of the custom pool table felt designs we have created for other customers.

ARTSCAPETM ArtScapeTM by Strachan is a digitally dyed tournament grade worsted pool table cloth. Since the images are dyed right into the cloth rather than screen printed onto the top, they are color fast, light fast, durable, and sure compliment your game room decor. Years of research and development have led the design team at Strachan to developed special backgrounds that will not only enhance your primary image, but also help to preserve the life of the pool table cloth by hiding unsightly burns and bruises that are unavoidable on pool table felt and much more noticeable on less expensive "recreational" pool table cloth made from polyester. ArtScapeTM by Strachan is actual tournament quality pool table cloth and will preform as such. It is the same cloth as SuperPro by Strachan, dyed with your selected image rather than a single sold color. Its playability and durability will surpass any premium brand of worsted cloth on the market today. So not only can you have your own unique image on your pool table, you can also experience the pleasure of playing on true tournament quality pool table cloth! You may also purchase one of our stock ArtScapeTM designs. We also offer custom ArtScape rails! Keep the bed of your cloth the same, but spruce it up with your own design. Find the perfect compliment to your game room decor with VIVID pool table felt. Each cut of billiard cloth is custom printed and made to order. VIVID cloth is made from 100% polyester and generally recommended for recreational use. Each design is unique and guaranteed to add color to your game room. If you are looking for something different in your gameroom, then look no further than VIVID pool table felt. If you are feeling truly creative, be sure to check out the custom pool table felt page for information about truly "one of a kind" custom table felts. You may also purchase one of our stock VividTM designs. Do you just need custom VIVID rails? We those too! You can keep the bed of your pool table the same and spice up the look with custom rails of your own design. You may email us your artwork (please review the art guidelines and legal information below) at Once we have the artwork, we will have a digital proof created for you at no charge. After you have approved the proof, we will collect payment in full. The cost of the cloth includes free ground shipping to the Continental USA. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery once proof has been approved.

VIVIDTM ARTWORK GUIDELINES Your artwork should be submitted in vector file format (.ai or .eps are preferred. Some PDFs are also acceptable.). If you have any questions regarding your artwork, please email us at Images that you have copied or downloaded off a website in .jpg, .gif, or .bmp are not acceptable. When the images are enlarged, they will become pixelated and distorted. Attempting to save these types of images as vector files will not work. DESIGN SETUP Your file should be setup based on the chart below. If you have scanned an image, RBG scans are preferred. Submit your design to in an uncompressed format. Please note: no returns accepted on custom orders unless there was a manufacturer error or defect.

LEGAL INFORMATION Reproduction of any image is subject to copyright and trademark law. Such images may be reproduced only with the express written permission of the copyright, trademark, or license owner. We reserve the right to reject any designs for any reason. Please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning any images you may want to use. 

Justin Bieber recently shared a video of himself playing on a custom design we did for the Nobu Penthouse at Caesars Palace:

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