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Dakota Pool Cues

Traditional design and quality materials are the hallmark of Dakota pool cues. Each cue is comprised of only the highest grades of maple wood and employ durable and unique stains and finishes to produce sleek and attractive aesthetics. Stack leather wraps are used to provide a quality feel for the handle area, and the cue comes capped with a XTC ferrule an Tiger Everest medium layered leather tip.

How do Dakota Cues compare to the more expensive brands out there? Here's what one league operator in TX said when he did a blind comparison:

"I operate the Randolph Pool League in San Antonio, TX, and as such, I am responsible for buying pool equipment for door prizes at our end of season party.  At our last captains’ meeting, the captains said they wanted name brand cues.  When I asked why, the answer was they wanted better quality cues.  Perception in the pool game is everything so my arguments against name brands fell on deaf ears.  So, I decided to conduct a test.  I bought a “Brand-X” that retails for $430 and a Dakota DKBE01 which retails for $225.  I taped off all identifying marks on the cues and asked two of the captains who wanted better quality cues and three of the best shooters in the league to participate in the test.  They were to judge which cue was better quality and which one they felt shot better, looks were not to be considered.  Then they were asked which cue they would prefer to own (looks now could be considered).  Four of the five (including the two captains) said the Dakota was better quality, shot better and was the cue they would prefer.  They were amazed when I told them they picked the Dakota over the “Brand-X” which cost me 238% more.  As I said, perception is everything--but it is often wrong.  If you want a good, solid cue, buy a Dakota."