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Scratch and Dent

Up to 90% off on over 200 items!

Browse through these items to find great savings! From clocks to cues, training aids, billiard balls, and more, we have a large number of scratch and dent items available.

Each item in our Scratch & Dent section has "issues." Some of them are very minor, such as simple outer-package damage, yet some are a much bigger deal. Perhaps the latch on the pool cue case is broken, or maybe there is a minor scratch on the exterior. However, maybe a cue is used, scratched, has a cracked butt cap, and is really warped! Each item lists exactly what is wrong with it, and is discounted between 30% and 90% off of the retail price!

In most cases, the pictures of the items listed here ARE of the exact item you will receive, so take a look for yourself! Please feel free to call us or email us if you have any specific questions about a particular item.

We have done our very best to really scrutinize these products, and to accurately represent them. Therefore, we believe that you will absolutely not be disappointed when you receive your order.

A word of warning: These items are subject to prior sale! Although we do our best to keep everything listed here up to date, it is possible that something may have sold just before you placed your order. We'll promptly let you know if this happens.