Dufferin Pool Cues

CueSight offers thousands of different pool cues, including the elite Dufferin cues. Dufferin cues are one of the top choices for professional billiards players because of their quality and design.

Dufferin Cues have been around for over 40 years and were developed in Canada. Investing in a premium pool que like one of the Dufferin cues is a purchase you will not regret. Each piece of wood in these cues has been carefully dried and turned ensuring absolute straightness and legendary quality.

Dufferin cues are crafted from exotic woods and have a Hard Rock Maple shaft along with a high-impact fiber ferrule and Le Pro Tip. Dufferin cues also have a UV finish which makes them scratch resistant.

The unique look and feel is similar to Fury pool cues and Blaze cues which are also made out of premium Canadian Maple and have stylish designs and professional performance quality. Blaze cues have North American Shafts and have a wide variety of colors and designs.

Dufferin cues are made of special parts and offer different functions! To learn more, check out "Pool Cue Anatomy 101" OR if you are buying your first cue and want to the best recommendations, read "How To Buy A Pool Cue."