Pool Table Felt

Have you had your pool table a while and need to replace the cloth on it?

Did you purchase your first table but it didn't come with cloth?

Are you looking to spice up your game room with a unique design or your favorite NCAA team?

Then CueSight can help!

We offer a wide range of the best pool table felt for both the home and commercial environment.

We have Championship Invitational, Simonis, SuperPro by Strachan, ArtScape and NCAA.

Strachan SuperPro is a worsted wool cloth which is what the professionals use in tournament play. ArtScape and NCAA cloth are also produced by Strachan and allow you to add a little flair and personalization to your game room or man cave.

Unsure which cloth is right for you? See our guide on the different types of pool table cloth.

  • 3M Super 77 Adhesive

    3M Super 77 Adhesive

    If you need to glue your pool table cloth to your table, then this is the adhesive you need! There are many tables that have the cloth stapled with no glue. If you noticed when you removed the old cloth that the edges were glued, then you will want to...

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  • Pool Table Cleaner David Hodges - Quick-Clean

    Pool Table Cleaner David Hodges - Quick-Clean

    Quick-Clean is a remarkable product. It is used primarily to clean pool table cloth, but also works well on cue wraps. Think about this: How do pool table brushes remove the chalk from the table? Answer: They dont. They just move the chalk around, and...

    $12.50 $10.99
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  • Simonis Break Pad Yellow-Green

    Simonis Break Pad Yellow-Green

    Keep your table playing better longer with this break pad from Simonis. A thin piece of worsted cloth made from professional tournament grade pool table cloth, it will work well with either worsted or woolen pool table felt. Using a break pad will help...

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