Pool Cue Accessories

Did you just buy your first pool cue and need some accessories to go with it?

Then you've come to the right place!

We have everything you could possibly need from bridges, pool cue chalk holders, and a ton of pool cue tips.

Is your tip in need of repair?

Then cheek out our vast array of cue tip tools like the Slippy Tip Tool!

We also offer all of the very popular Joe Porper products.

With the largest collection of pool cue accessories online we have you covered with shaft cleaners, pool cue holders, joint protectors and more than you can imagine.

We even have a billiards survival kit that includes all the basic pool cue accessories you need in one complete package!

  • Pool Cue Pocket Shaper/Scuffer

    Pool Cue Pocket Shaper/Scuffer

    This pocket-sized tip tool shapes your tip on one side, and scuffs it on the other. It is made from a durable plastic that is lined with a coarse-grit abrasive. A scuffed tip will hold chalk better, reducing the chance of a miscue. A properly-shaped tip...

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  • Sharpshooter Billiard Glove

    Sharpshooter Billiard Glove

    The Sharpshooter_ Billiard Glove is a professional-quality pool player's glove. It is made to help the cue slide smoothly and accurately over the pool player's bridge hand. There is less friction between the pool cue and the billiard glove than there...

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  • Slippy Clean Shaft Cleaner

    Slippy Clean Shaft Cleaner

    Is your shaft caked with chalk and grime? The Slippy Clean shaft cleaner will solve that problem. Simply follow the included instructions to make your shaft look and feel like new! 

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