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Cue Holders

How many times have you leaned a pool cue against a spectator chair or a pub table, only to see it slide off and crash to the ground? It is one thing if you're playing with a house cue, quite another if you are using a top-of-the line Fury! We offer pool cue holders that mount on tables or chair arms, keeping your cue steady and secure. These are a must-have for pool players that play outside the home, and should be considered by everyone else. Don't let a few dollars keep you from protecting your pool cue investment!

Joint protectors do a lot of things for you. First, the sharp exposed edges of a pool cue joint collar are susceptible to damage when your cue is broken down. Joint protectors will eliminate the risk of damage to the collar when installed. Protectors also protect the threads of the joint, and help reduce the chances of a joint pin bending. Furthermore, joint protectors will greatly reduce the wear and tear on the inside of your pool cue case, not to mention making it easier to remove your shaft from your cue case.