Scrimshaw Cue Ball

A scrimshaw cue ball from AntarticaDelivering to the "Bottom of the World"

CueSight has shipped to customers in dozens of countries all over the world, but perhaps no order was quite as "cool" as the ones delivered to a customer in 2003 and 2004.

In July of 2003, we were contacted by someone seeking a number of cue balls. No problem, we ship cue balls and ball sets all the time. When they give us the address though, we have to whip out the map. McMurdo Station…hmm where is that? Turns out McMurdo Station is at the bottom of the world - McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

Well how awesome is that that we can now say we have shipped to ALL SEVEN continents!?!?

Over the next year, Tina White placed a few more orders from us. We learned that there is a lot of down time while working in Antarctica. She has gone on to create many unique custom and private works of art, and we feel honored to be included among the recipients of one of those treasures.

Tina made for us, as a special thank you for shipping to Antarctica, this cue ball. It features not only the Antarctic continent with its cutest and most recognizable native inhabitant, the penguin, but also a homage Arthur Sarnoff's iconic print of dogs playing pool - "The Hustler” - which was one of the best selling prints of the 1950's. Also included was the personal message, scrimshawed on the ball, "THANK YOU FOR DELIVERING TO THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD".

Thank YOU Tina, for honoring us with this magnificent and cherished work of art (it's quite the company "heirloom"), and providing a great a story for our small business.

You can find more of Tina White's work, and learn more about the artist, at