About the Laser Sighted Pool Cue

1. "All the Goodies"


CueSight Laser Pool Cue


First, let's tell you what all is included in the Complete CueSight Laser-Sighted Billiard Cue. We will go into detail on these later.

The set includes a high-quality, two-piece cue; a hard case; a laser-sighted end section for the shaft; a regular wood shaft end; extra batteries; Owner's Manual; and a LIFETIME WARRANTY.


2. The Shaft

CueSight Laser Pool Cue - Shaft

The CueSight shaft is quite remarkable. Made from the finest maple from Michigan, the hit you get from these shafts is unbeatable.

Note in the picture how tight the grain is. A tight, fine grain adds strength, reduces "squirt", and resists warping.

Our shafts are hand-turned and hand-polished. No mass-produced, computer-lathed junk here!

Unlike many other shafts, our cues are made from SOLID maple. Although some swear by laminated shafts, or even fiberglass, it is generally agreed that nothing beats a good, solid maple hit.

About 2-1/2" from the tip, our shafts have been fitted with a special joint. This allows for the cue to be used with either the regular wooden end, or the CueSight laser unit itself.


3. The Two Tips

CueSight Laser Pool Cue - Two Tips

The CueSight shaft comes with alternating tips: one laser-sighted, one regular. Practice with the laser, kick butt with the regular!

The CueSight laser unit is remarkably durable, and is made to be played with. A crosshairs shines straight out the center of the leather tip, directly in line with the cue. This is controlled by a small slide switch on the barrel of the unit Explanation of how to use this to your advantage can be found in the "How it Works" section.

The regular wooden end accompanies the cue for times when your opponents feel too intimidated to let you use the laser, or when you want to test what you have learned from the laser. Some leagues and tournaments do not allow the CueSight to be used in play because of the unfair advantage it gives the player.


4. The Butt

CueSight Laser Pool Cue - The Butt

The CueSight butt is the hallmark of quality. This is the part of the cues many manufacturers skimp on, using cheaper materials and techniques.

Our butt is made from solid maple, the best wood for the job. It uses a stainless steel joint, versus brass or even wood used on cues of a lesser quality. Inside the butt is an adjustable weight screw, which allows you to tailor the balance of the cue for your particular style, or to even change the weight of the cue altogether. The wraps are pressed Irish linen, an expensive, but well-worth-it, extra.

The finish of the butt is a glossy jet black. The wraps are black and white speckled. This color scheme, along with the black, laser-engraved CueSight unit itself, make for a very sophisticated, high-tech appearance. When people see you with one of these, they know you mean business!


5. The Case

CueSight Laser Pool Cue - The Case

The CueSight Laser-Sighted Billiards Cue comes in its own protective case.

The hard-shell case features a handle, two clasps, a velvet-lined interior, separate compartments for the butt and shaft, and room for the two ends and extra batteries. It is as attractive as it is functional.