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Jackie Karol Tips and Tricks

Jacqueline “The Angel” Karol of Boulder, Colorado started playing pool when she was three years old. Her father, a nuclear engineer, taught her the fundamentals and bought her first pool cue.

After graduation, she put her biology career on hold to pursue billiards full time. On her first attempt, she won the 2003 Billiard Congress of America’s (BCA) Women’s 8-Ball out of 497 women and the Trick Shot Championship in Las Vegas, NV.

She was tagged with her nickname “The Angel” after she formed “The Angels of Billiards”—three master female players like Charlie’s Angels with pool sticks. By 2004, she was playing solo and Inside Pool described her as “a lone ranger” because she was the first and only female to compete in national events like the BCA Men’s Masters 8-Ball and the Windy City Open.

On the IPT, she competed at the highest level with both women and men. Unfortunately, the IPT was cancelled due to lack of funding. Jackie is now competing to get on the Women’s Professional Billiards Association (WPBA). To qualify for the WPBA, she is competing the Northwest Women’s Pool Association (NWPA). She is training intensely with her coach, Dave Hughes.

Jackie is also developing several training devices for the game. She has given many presentations, exhibitions, and challenge matches across the United States. She has also been a product spokesperson and a columnist. She has raised money for various charities including The Boys and Girls Club, SafeHouse Denver, Children’s Alley (YWCA), and the Denver Voter Registration Department.

She has been featured in Rocky Mountain News, Billiards Digest, Inside Pool, Professor Q-Ball's National Pool & Carom News, Cue Times Newsletter, and On the Wire Billiards. She also appeared on Altitude Sports and Entertainment, Chicago Land Television, Outdoor Living Network, and Eurosport.

Make sure to check out her series of drills called "Shoot With The Sharks Without Getting Eaten Alive." Each drill is available as a digital download and only $4.99 each!

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