1. Using the CueSight to Perfect Your Stroke

The primary benefit of the CueSight to the beginner and pro alike is how it can help you perfect your stroke.

Frankly, it doesn't take long for a player to learn how to aim. Once this skill is acquired, only STROKE and STRATEGY separate the novice from the professional. The CueSight crosshairs on the cue ball give a visual feedback on the straightness of the player's stroke.

Any dip or twist will be revealed by the crosshairs. With a perfect stroke, the crosshairs will remain fixed in the "strike spot", narrowing in on that point as the cue approaches the cue ball. Obviously, the idea is to keep the crosshairs motionless throughout your stroke to eliminate the possibility of mis-cueing or striking at an unplanned angle.

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2.  Using the CueSight to Aim
2. Using the CueSight to Aim

CueSight Laser Cue
CueSight Laser Cue

CueSight Laser Cue
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