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How To Replace A Pool Cue Tip

how-to-replace-a-pool-cue-tip-1.jpgIs your pool cue tip in need of replacing but you don't want to have to pay someone else to do it? Then check out this handy how-to guide!

  1. Remove what's left of the old tip with the razor blade.
  2. Sand top of ferrule flat with 60-80 grit sandpaper.
  3. Sand bottom of cue tip with the same sandpaper till rough.
  4. Apply a light coat of glue to both the ferrule and bottom of tip.
  5. Carefully center the top on top of the ferrule as best as you can and hold in place for about 60 seconds.
  6. With the tip down, carefully trim the excess overhang to make the tip flush with the ferrule.
  7. Gently wet the sides of the tip and burnish with the 400-600 grit sandpaper.
  8. Shape the tip to your desired radius.
  9. All set to play now.

Things to remember when replacing a cue tip

  • It's recommended to get a tip that's bigger than your ferrule ie: a 14mm tip if you have a 13mm ferrule diameter.
  • To keep your tip from popping off prematurely, it is best to let the glue cure overnight before final trim.

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