Fury DL Series Pool Cue Model DL-6

Fury DL Series Pool Cue Model DL-6
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The Fury DL-6 is a 58" custom pool cue with selected white maple shaft, 13mm fibre ferrule Le Pro tip, stainless steel joint with joint protectors, and a white butt plate. The butt sleeve is set off with silver rings on either side. The butt is made from charcoal-gray stained birdseye maple. The forearm, set off with silver rings, is decorated with six ivory points trimmed in ebony. The points are inlaid with "swords" made from turquoise and red jade. The matching butt sleeve has smaller points inlaid with the same sword design. Note that this artwork is done with overlays and is not true inlays like the other Fury series. However, we dare you to tell the difference!