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Pool Table Lights

Not only is a pool table light an important decorative element of any game room, it also serves a critical functional purpose by eliminating shadows that might cause improper aim.

We have pool table lights in one, two, three, and four light configurations from manufacturers such as Sterling and Z-Lite, and a variety of styles to match almost any game room decor. We also have custom pool table lights that you can choose from.

Almost all of our pool table lights include all the items needed to mount them to your ceiling and electrical box, such as chains, hardware, and decorative cover plates.

We also offer individual light shades in case you have one that needs replacing.

Hanging your pool table light is just as essential as having a level pool table.

If your light is too low, players will accidentally strike them. If they are hung too high, then the light will shine directly into a players eyes.

As a general rule, a light should hang about 32-36 inches above the playing surface. They should be centered above the table, and the light field should extend to the edges of the table, but not much further. Remember, a pool table light is there to eliminate shadows and enhance play, not to light up a room.

It is also recommended to hang chain hung fixtures with the chains at more than a 45 degree angle to the light bar. Chains hung at lesser angles can cause stress and potential failure on the individual loops of the chain.

Whether for a new man-cave or an elegant game room, CueSight is sure to have a pool table light to suit your specific decor and taste!