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Liquidation Sale

Deals, deals, and more deals!

When you have been in business as long as we have, you tend to acquire a fair number of items which take up space in our warehouse.

These items might be from buying out one of our competitors and absorbing their inventory, or an item possibly has some slight damage from shipping.

No matter how you slice it, these items are not our typical items and so we want them gone! EVERYTHING (and we do mean EVERYTHING) IS PRICED TO SELL…NOW!

Check out our "Closeout Sale" for unique items such as prototypes, extra inventory, or specialty items that were only done in a short run.

Our "Scratch and Dent" items can be customer returns that have either a little bit or a lot of damage, usually from shipping. Why they are damaged doesn't matter because these items are steals where you can save up to an AMAZING 90% OFF the regular price!

Don't miss out on these items, because once they're gone, they're gone for good!

  • The Noble Indian 3D Pool Cue

    The Noble Indian 3D Pool Cue

    These limited edition 3D pool cues feature hand painted or pewter figurines encased in solid plastic in the butt of the cue. This cue features a noble Indian. The forearm is solid maple painted with a texture to match the 3D image (some forearms may be a...

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  • Overview Highlights

    12 pack - 4 ft LED Tube - Pure White

    Welcome, reddit friends! Thanks for your interest. To read the story of how I came to have all of these tubes, check out my original reddit post on them from August of last year.  While the mods locked the thread after just 12 hours, I was still...

    MSRP: $539.88
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