Fury Evolution Series Pool Cue Model EV-5

Fury Evolution Series Pool Cue Model EV-5

Tradition comes of age in this blend of classic design and modern elements. This is an eight point cue with alternating ebony and faux ivory points set into bacote. The ebony points are intricately inlaid. The three-section handle is accented ebony dash rings punctuated by silver lines. The buttsleeve is decorated with overlapping ovals of ebony and faux ivory that frame small inlays in a Victorian lace pattern.

This cue is partially cored with hard rock maple for stability, balance and superior performance.

The whole cue is framed by a faux ivory joint and buttcap and the piloted RadialTM pin is protected by matching inlaid joint protectors.

This cue is delivered with two shafts. The first is the standard Fury shaft that has been made of the finest hard rock maple, tapered to professional specifications, and features an Ivorine-4TM ferrule topped with a 13mm Tiger layered tip. The second shaft is the Extreme shaft by Fury, which is made of ten pie-shaped wedges that are laminated together under high pressure to form a radially consistent low deflecting shaft. This shaft is known as a high-performance shaft due to its consistent flex and ability to allow the player to deliver the cue ball precisely where it is aimed. It is also tapered to professional specifications and outfitted with an Ivorine-4TM ferrule and a 12.75mm Tiger layered tip.

From your grip hand to the cue ball, the Fury Evolution gives you professional performance and show quality design.

This cue is limited to only 200 pieces for North America.